The University of Alberta does not pay any more for the Campus Saint-Jean than it does for its other faculties. 

Funding post-secondary education in French offered at the Campus Saint-Jean costs 50% more than the same education offered in English. However, the federal government is providing funds to the University of Alberta to help cover some additional costs.

During the 1970s, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, to whom the Collège Saint-Jean (now Campus Saint-Jean) belonged, were in the process of negotiating its sale to the University of Alberta.

At that time, a report prepared in 1975 by Dr A.G. McCalla, who examined the pros and cons of maintaining ownership of the Collège Saint, noted that education in French in a minority situation, such as in Alberta, cost 50% more to provide as the same education offered in English.

It was therefore stipulated in the agreement for the sale of Collège Saint-Jean, signed in 1976, that the provincial government and the University of Alberta both recognize that the offer of education in French generates additional costs and that the federal government would provide additional funds to absorb some of these costs.